Returning Youth Day 2012

Sarah Morin  - Youth Experience Manager aka Kid Wrangler
A couple weekends ago, over 70 youth volunteers ages 10-18 came in for Returning Youth Day. This all-afternoon training gets veteran youth ready and eager to start the season on March 31. I asked one of our talented experienced youth, Jessica Keys, to film the event and make a fun video blog. Jessica is starting her 7th year as a youth volunteer and has already donated over 2,200 hours to Conner Prairie. This friendly young lady volunteers all over the historic grounds, but most often is found in costume in Prairietown and working with our animals as a YAC (Youth Ag Captain). Jessica has been featured as a blogger on our website before, but this will be her first video blog for us. I snapped up her talents when I found out she’s taking a high school class on video production this semester. Please enjoy her behind-the-scenes view of Returning Youth Day 2012.

For more pictures of the event, check out the Youth’s official Facebook page:

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