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Linda Flanagan - Guest Blogger: Conner Prairie Volunteer
It is a privilege to be able to share one of my favorite places!!!

I have visited Conner Prairie for many, many years as a parent, Girl Scout leader, preschool and elementary school teacher and as a grandparent.  Our family enjoys the educational value that the Interactive Park brings to connect the past to the present day. Our family has spent many times together in Prairie Town, at the Prairie Tykes programs, the inside and outside activities that are available for all ages, the summer evenings at Symphony on the Prairie and most recently the Civil War Journey area. It is always at the top of the list for favorite places to visit each summer when out of town grandchildren come visit us for a week.

Several years ago I decided that Conner Prairie had provided such excellent learning experiences for us that I began volunteering. Since I was a full time teacher I was not flexible to be on a regular schedule as a volunteer. Jody and Arlene, from the volunteer staff, were able to provide suggestions of ways I could give my time on weekends and for special programs to share my enthusiasm and help visitors experience a positive day and be eager to return.  

My husband and local grandchildren, who have become family volunteers, have ‘caught the fever’ and regularly join the other volunteers for many of the Conner Prairie activities.

One of our very favorite volunteer activities includes Follow the North Star-helping guests experience slavery and the Underground Railroad. Michelle Evans, Operations Manager, created the program and its accurate, authentic representation of life as slaves, who escape and become fugitives working their way to freedom. This program has received National Acclaim.

Making and renewing friendships with Conner Prairie Staff members, other volunteers, the youth, and regular Conner Prairie visitors keep us coming back to eagerly share experiences with guests. The Interactive Park is one of the best dollar value venues for families in the central Indiana area.  What new opportunities will we find this year? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

If you are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities at Conner Prairie, please visit the Volunteers page and fill out an application!

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